Monday, 13 February 2017

Coco Kind Original Lip Balm

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Texture: Creamy and smooth.

Flavour: Coconut.

Fragrance: Coconut.

Finish: Soft shine.

Lasting power: Three hours.

Colour: Clear.

Longevity: Not stated.

Size: 0.15oz/4.25ml.

Price: Around $4.

Availability: I purchased mine from iHerb, I've seen it at health shops and you can purchase from the Coco Kind website.


Discontinued: No.

Limited Edition: No.

Rating: 1

Ingredients: Organic fair trade certified virgin coconut oil, organic yellow beeswax.

I really wanted to love this balm but I can't. It's so soft that it's unusable. The texture is what you'd expect for a balm that comes in a pot, not one that comes in a tube. Even in winter it's too soft to use, I end up with a thick layer of balm smeared over my lips which I have to wipe off, wasting the excess. The flavour and fragrance are beautiful as you'd expect from a coconut oil lip balm, it's just a shame about the texture. I end up applying it with my finger which is rather annoying.

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