Monday, 11 January 2016


Well, hello.
This post has been a long time coming, thinking, planning, chatting about it. Now, I feel like I need to start!
I was asked by the lovely Anissa of Beautifully Glossy if I would like to help her with a blog that she has wanted to start for a while and of course I said yes!! Plus, who wouldn’t want to ‘work’ with this lovely lady?
A little about me –
I am in my middle 30’s, I live in Central Victoria. I am recently separated and have no children. 
I LOVE LIP GLOSS, LIP BALM, LIPSTICK... Do you now know why Anissa and I get on so well?! (I also have a little obsession with Stationery but we won’t go there today!)
Ever since I was a child I have loved lip products. I think it stareted when a friend of mine’s Mum was selling Avon. Do you remember those lip glosses that had rolling balls at the end and smelled like strawberry or cherry? One smell, I was hooked. And that first application – I knew that I had found something special. Something that would stay with me all throughout my teenage years and now, as an adult. The trouble is, that now, it’s not just Avon. My fave brands – Lanolips, Chapstick, Lancome, Dior, Chanel. Anissa has introduced me to some more and I am so glad that she has. Have you tried the burnt fig lip balm by Buddha balm? DIVINE.
So let’s continue this journey together. We will review the balms that we can get our hands on. And be honest about it.

Are you along for the ride?

All my love,

Cup_Cakr – also known as Emma, Em, whatever you’d like. Just be kind.

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